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07:58pm 10/12/2003
  blah blah blah its been ages. I wonder if this thing even still works. rawrgh.  
09:37am 22/07/2003
mood: energetic
hahaha in about 2 hours i'm on my way to the amphitheatre in george in the gorge to see RELIENT K and SWITCHFOOT and a bunch of other bands and such for 6 days!!! yah!!! with 15 other people i don't know. it'll be awesome, we're camping out and stuff, so i will see you all when i get back.
love forever
08:33pm 20/07/2003
mood: groggy
Well well.
krysten came over yesterday and we took the tandem bike up to relay for life...damn i hope that girl practices some more before she learns to drive a car. but its okay cause it was much fun! and then we went to safeway and squaredanced in the aisles, and drove home. and then we walked up to jeff's party and three crazy drunk guys up there on bacon road were all, "you have to walk up this hill every day? its killer isn't it. man you missed some great barbecue. thas right, jus keeeeep walkin..." and such. and then they got into their little red car and honked the horn after they couldn't see us anymore. scariness. so then we got there (happy birthday again jeff!) and yay fub birthdayness. i hit my head on the trampoline while we were wrestling and practically got a concussion, but its all good now. though i think someone owes me a massage for pulling my arm too. yes. haha. so that was my night. and then krystens parents came and got us and we went to her house and watched tv and talked until 4:00. and then we went to sleep. and then we went to my church this morning, and andy & amie are finally engaged! yay! and we came home, and packed. jeff picked us up and we went to lloyd center and bought him his present, and went toy shopping and went all sneakysneaky-like to avoid the guiy with the flyers and ate chicken. and now i am falling asleep because it is way too hot in here and i'm bored to death. like you are from readin that. oh well. so be it. have a fine evening, i have to be productive before my mom gets home. rawr.
love ya tons
there is saltwater in my blood   
11:07am 18/07/2003
mood: complacent
got back from lincoln city yesterday
the beach always is so refreshing, it makes me want to immerse myself in the bluegreen and let go of everything. gritty sugarsand everywhere.

happy birthday to all the july birthdays! you know who you are.
today, people over and then to lloyd center around 3ish. maybe find bday presents if i'm lucky.

going to go take care of my demonic cat because he's being strange.
love always
new journal   
11:53pm 13/07/2003
mood: okay
maybe this will give me a reason to write more often... or not... oh well either way, summer is good, my mom is finally playing nice again and i'm catching up with people. quality time with lizbeth ma poo and jeff yesterday, it had been way too long so that was good times even tho it was cut short.
talked to andy about absolutely nothing, and matt's finally moving on, so life is better.
might see joel later this week when i get back!
today, went and saw Mamma Mia! at the keller auditorium, it was pretty good and i recommend it. yay. but now i've got the soundtrak in my head... ahh... 70's music. yayness.
Don't know how to take it
Don't know where to go
My resistance is running low
And ever day the hold
Is getting tighter
And it troubles me so
you know that I'm nobody's fool
I'm nobody's fool
And yet it's clear to me
I don't have a strategy
It's just like taking
Candy from a baby
And i think i must be
...Under attack
I'm being taken
About to ccrack
Defences breaking
Won't somebody please have a heart
Come and rescue me now, cause i'm falling apart?
so I'm taking off for the Lincoln City tomorrow morning and I'll be back around wednesdayish. give the cell a call if you feel like it, 9107012. yea.
kk i'm going to go read slaughterhouse-5 now cause i'm a dork like that and kurt vonnegut rox.
love you all.
~Misa poo